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The A.R.K. under attack

The A.R.K, or Adaptive Roaming Kommand, is the mobile headquarters of M.A.Y.H.E.M. Players can upgrade and customize agents at the A.R.K. to create their own personal gadget-wielding team.

A.R.K. has built in requisitions, R+D Lab, armory, vehicle bay, VR training room, command bay, Persephone's office and a lounge.

R+D Lab[]

R+D Lab is ran by Gremlin. It can be used to craft numerous Gremlin Tech and LEGION Tech upgrades for each of the agent in exchange of money, and material found out in the world.

For more information on upgrades, see Gremlin Tech and LEGION Tech.


Armory is ran by Claymore. The armory is used to equip Gadgets, Upgrades and Tech that you can build at the R+D Lab or earn through the progression of the game.

For more information on gadgets, see Gadgets.

Wreck Room[]

Wreck room is ran by Mixer. In here, agents can complete various VR Training Programs to test out the gear, agents or simply complete the challenges.

For more information on the VR Training Programs, see list of Training Programs.


Requisitions is ran by Relic. In an exchange for cash, Agents can buy unique Agency Upgrades. This room can be used to perform a glitch that allows the player to get inside of the normally unaccessible vehicle room and get outside the A.R.K. interior. Sadly the town has no collision and jumping down from the interior will cause the player to fall through the map and respawn back inside the A.R.K. This glitch can be seen on this video (exact tips can be found in the description).

For more information on agency upgrades, see Agency Upgrades.

Vehicle Bay[]

Vehicle Bay is ran by Quartermile. It is used to assign a preferred Agency Vehicle to your squad, including a custom paintjob for the said vehicle.

For more information on upgrades, see Agency Vehicle.