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Players can either find or earn a number of skins for the Agents in Agents of Mayhem. Each Agent that was part of the main game has 7 agent skins and 8 weapon skins. However, DLC Agents have only 5 Agent skins and 6 weapon skins.

Agency Vehicles have a number of skins as well. They can be earned through the same means as Agent and weapon skins.

Most of the skins in the game can be earned through in-game means but there are a number of skins that can be bought for a small fee from the digital stores[1][2][3] that offer the game.

Most skins are found during gameplay by opening Chests around the world and LEGION Lairs or by completing different activities in the world. The drop of skins is not guaranteed, but you can increase the chance by upgrading The A.R.K. by purchasing the Un-cursed Monkey Paw Agency Upgrade.

Agents Skins[]

Braddock skins[]

Daisy skins[]

Fortune skins[]

Gat skins[]

Hardtack skins[]

Hollywood skins[]

Joule skins[]

Kingpin skins[]

Lazarus skins[]

Oni skins[]

Rama skins[]

Red Card skins[]

Scheherazade skins[]

Safeword skins[]

Yeti skins[]

Agency Vehicle skins[]

List of Agency Vehicles

Attrazione skins[]

Eiswolf skins[]

Enforcer skin[]

Hammerhead skins[]

Mockingbird skins[]

Mongoose skins[]

Neuron skins[]

Pulse skins[]

Scorpion skins[]

Torch skins[]


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