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My blades, their blood

Scheherazade, is a M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and a part of the Firing Squad, alongside Oni and Kingpin.

To unlock Scheherazade as a playable character, players need to complete Operation: Dimensions of the Ninja.


The origins of this Middle Eastern assassin are shrouded in mystery. And she prefers it that way. Her backstories are numerous--and one of them may even be true. But the only member of MAYHEM with insight into this woman's past is another secretkeeper: Persephone Brimstone.


MAYHEM ability[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Stealth Mode
Stealth Mode Icon
"Be very, very quiet. I'm hunting LEGION." Scheherazade becomes invisible. During this time, she inflicts additional damage with stealth attacks. She also gains Empowerment from those kills.



Scheherazade's special causes her to throw projectiles at enemies that cause different effects to them. The cooldown by default is .

Name Icon Quote Description
Blindside Blades
Special Scheherazade BlindsideBlades
"'You can't hit what you can't see' has two interpretations." Forged by a three-fingered woman in Tibet, these mystical knives inflict Blind on up to three enemies.
Bloodshot Blades
Special Scheherazade BloodshotBlades
"A little something to remember me by." These famed assassin's knives don't just hurt upon impact but continue to deliver Damage over Time.
Blackhole Blades
Special Scheherazade BlackholeBlades
"That's it, get closer." Named after nature's most hated phenomenon, these enchanted knives pull enemies together.


Predictability is so predictable.

Scheherazade uses a sword to deliver deadly melee attacks as her default weapon attack. She also has ranged throwables that fire in 2-round bursts while she aims down the sights or is in mid-air.

Name Icon Quote Description
The Unseen Hand
Weapon Scheherazade TheUnseenHand
"Subtlety has its advantages." Renowned for her silent kills, Scheherazade gets an automatic critical hit when she attacks from Stealth.
Hat Trick Maneuver
Weapon Scheherazade HatTrickManuver
"This will leave a mark." When Scheherazade delivers a full three-hit combo, the enemy continues to take Damage over Time.
Lifestealer Sword
Weapon Scheherazade LifestealerSword
"I love this weapon so very much." Scheherazade gains 5% Health when she kills an enemy with her sword.


Name Icon Quote Description
Chaos Accelerator
Passive Scheherazade ChaosAccelerator
"Weakness is... weak." Enemies that die while debuffed grant Scheherazade 12% bonus Mayhem.
Divekick Disruptor
Passive Scheherazade DivekickDisrputor
"Can you spell concussion?" Scheherazade inflicts Knockback and Disrupt on enemies when she teleports from the air.
Smokewalker Bomb
Passive Scheherazade SmokewalkerBomb
"Surprise! I got you something." Targets take 150% additional damage from Scheherazade's Teleportation Jump.


Name Icon Quote Description Gain Per Upgrade Maximum Upgrade
Trained Killer
Upgrades Scheherazade TrainedKiller
"But who's counting?" Scheherazade knows a hundred ways to kill someone. +2.5% to Damage Over Time Effects +25% to Damage Over Time Effects
Impalement Artist
Upgrades Scheherazade ImpalementArtist
"Shall we play a game of catch?" Scheherazade has mastered the art of throwing knives with deadly precision. +7.5% Throwing Knife Damage +75% Throwing Knife Damage
Mystic Warrior
Upgrades Scheherazade MysticWarrior
"Children, remember always whence you came." Scheherazade learned swordfighting from an ancient and secret lineage. +1.5% Melee Crit. +15% Melee Crit.
Clan Champion
Upgrades Scheherazade ClanChampion
"No warrior truly fights alone." Scheherazade prioritizes the needs of the many. Sometimes. +1% Chance Weapon Attacks Inflict Damage Over Time (Squad Bonus) +10% Chance Weapon Attacks Inflict Damage Over Time (Squad Bonus)

Core Upgrades[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Phase Armor
CoreUpgrades Scheherazade PhaseArmor
"I am both here and nowhere." Scheherazade gain Fortify for a brief moment after each teleport, taking less damage form attacks.
Optimal Focus
CoreUpgrades Scheherazade OptimalFocus
"Overconfidence is a quick and insidious killer." Scheherazade does bonus damage to enemies with full Health and Shields.
Killing Floor
CoreUpgrades Scheherazade KillingFloor
"Blood can be so...satisfying." Scheherazade gains additional Mayhem duration with each kill.


Name Icon Description Requirement
Specializations Deadshot
The Agent deals bonus damage to enemies currently affected by a debuff. N/A
Specializations Skinpiercer
The Agent deals bonus damage to Armor and pierces targets protected by Hard Armor. Agent Level 10


Name Icon Quote Description
AgentAbilities Scheherazade AbilitySmokescreen
N/A The Agent renders themselves Invisible for a short duration.
Wall Climb
AgentAbilities Scheherazade TraversalWallClimb
N/A The Agent can scale walls like some kind of arachnid person!
Deep Cut
AgentAbilities Scheherazade PassiveDeepCut
"The blade must find purchase in a very particular way." Scheherazade's knife throw has a chance of dealing Damage over Time.
Teleport Jump
AgentAbilities Scheherazade PassiveTeleportJump
"Let's get to the good part." Instead of a standard melee attack, Scheherazade throws her sword to teleport to her target.


Agent Skins[]

Weapon Skins[]


Scheherazade's vehicle is the Pulse, her vehicle skin is "Riftbreaker" and her vehicle skin is primarily Red, with a few stickers on it, the front wheels have red semisphere's covering them.


  • Scheherazade is a story teller from the Arabian book One Thousand and One Nights, who told 1000 stories, just like Scheherazade has one for every person she killed.
  • Scheherazade's Killer Kold agent skin and Absolute Zero weapon skin are most likely references to Sub-Zero and Frost from the Mortal Kombat series.
  • Scheherazade's Terrapin Terror agent skin and Sewer Strikers weapon skin (from the Legal Action Pending DLC) are no doubt a reference to Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.
  • Scheherazade's Reptile Eyes agent skin and Cold Slitter weapon skin (from the Firing Squad DLC) are presumably references to the character Snake Eyes and the band Cold Slither from the G.I. Joe series.
  • It may be possible that Scheherazade may be aware of the previous timeline in Saints Row, as during a conversation with Kingpin, she references him being the mayor of Steelport, a star in Gangstas in Space and traveling across time and space, whilst fighting a giant energy drink. These are references to scenes in Saints Row The Third and Saints Row IV
  • According to Safeword, Scheherazade has 637 aliases that she is aware more, to which Scheherazade teases that there are more than a thousand and one aliases.
    • Scheherazade's line is a reference to One Thousand and One Nights.





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