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This article is for Safeword, for Saints Row version see Kinzie Kensington.

So much for security.

Safeword, A.K.A. Kinzie Kensington, is a field agent for M.A.Y.H.E.M. and a DLC agent unlocked with the Safeword Agent Pack.

To unlock Safeword, player needs to complete Operation: Meritorious Interruptus.


In the past, she hacked every security system, including the FBI. When she was captured, she was instead recruited for the FBI. She was also previously involved on a case with Gat and Matt Miller regarding Persephone Brimstone's surrender[1].


MAYHEM Ability[]

So, you wanna play rough?



Name Icon Quote Description
Power Surge "Some people just can't handle the power I have." Safeword fires off a narrow energy wall that travels quickly in a straight line and passes through walls and cover. Enemies hit by the wall take damage and will be stunned for two or four seconds.
Lag Spike "Aw, having some problems moving?" Safeword fires off a wide energy wall that travels slowly in a straight line and passes through walls and cover. enemies hit by the wall take damage and will be slowed or immobilized.
System Firewall "I always have protection from assholes like you." Safeword fires off an energy wall that travels in a straight line and passes through walls and cover. Enemies hit by the wall take damage and will be blinded or disrupted.


Quoted text.
Name Icon Quote Description
Electro Stimulator "A little shock never hurt anyone... much." If Safeword uses her melee while her weapon is fully charged, she will deal more damage to enemies and knock them back. This has a small cooldown.
R.N.G. "Sometimes a little randomness in life can be fun." Weapon kills give Safeword a random buff.
Overclocked "Sometimes faster can be better." Safeword's weapon takes longer to charge but fires more shots.


Name Icon Quote Description
Determination "You'll have to wait until I'm ready for you." Safeword gains one stack of fortify while her weapon is fully charged.
Overconfidence "I got you in my sights now." Safeword gains empower if she targets an enemy long enough.
Persistence "You'll never get rid of me." Fully charged weapon hits restore some of Safeword's shield.


Name Icon Quote Description On Upgrade you gain
Signal Boost "Let's see if a little boost will reach you." Safeword boosts the signal of her special ability, making it travel further towards her enemies. +10% Special Ability Range
System Reboot "This should clear things up faster." Everyone knows the trick about restarting your computer. Safeword just applies it to her shields as well. +5% Shield Regen Rate
Insult To Injury "You can never have too much punishment." If you think Safeword's above kicking an enemy while they're down, think again. +3% Bonus Damage vs Debuffed Enemies
Self-Esteem Booster "Just follow my lead, and I know you'll enjoy this." She may seem a bit awkward in social situations on her own, but in a team she knows how to motivate those around her. +4% Positive Buff Duration on Agents (Squad Bonus)

Core Upgrades[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Salted Wounds "For you, I'm gonna make this last." Debuffs caused by Safeword last longer.
Double Clicked "Opps, I think the button stuck. oh well!" When Safeword uses her special ability, she has a chance to fire an extra wall.
Virus Propagation "The more that obey me, the better." When Safeword shoots an enemy with her Mayhem to hack them, nearby enemies will also be hacked.


Name Icon Description
Master Programmer
Specializations MasterProgrammer
The Agent can attempt Hard difficulty hacks. The agent will automatically complete Easy and Medium hacks.
Specializations Shieldbuster
The Agents deals bonus damage to Shields and pierces targets protected by Hard Shields.

Passive Abilities[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Dash N/A The Agent can Dash around the battlefield with short, quick bursts of movement.
Air Dash N/A The Agent has the ability to Dash in mid-jump.
Unrelenting Punishment "You think I'm letting up just because you're weak? Yeah right." Safeword deals bonus damage to debuffed enemies.





  • She is one of the four characters from Saints Row series that are playable, others being Kingpin, Yeti, and Gat.
    • She is also the only female Saints Row character that is playable as well.
  • Safeword and Lazarus are the only two agents that weren't featured or advertised in any trailers prior to the release of Agents of Mayhem.
  • While not in the player's squad, Safeword can be found under the table on her laptop at the ARK's lounge (immediately behind the spawn area). This is a reference to the Phone Phreak cutscene in Saints Row: The Third, where The Protagonist finds her under the table at Smiling Jack's.
  • She is mention in a conversation between Gat and Rama.
  • Her signature vehicle is the Mockingbird, complete with her own unique skin.
    • Its license plate, T-CUP, is a reference to Kinzie's line, "Mine's Teacup", as well as the source of her codename in her debut mission in Saints Row: The Third.
  • One of Safeword's idle animations shows her drink from a can, if you look close, you can see that it's actually a can of Saints Flow, with the M.A.Y.H.E.M. Saints logo, replacing the original logo. Saints Flow is the Saints branded energy drink from Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.
  • Safeword's Deadly Touch skins resemble the Marvel character Rogue and reference her ability to absorb powers and life force through physical contact.
  • The Kinzie's Possible skin is most likely a reference to the Disney show and character Kim Possible.
  • The Sidekick agent skin and Dynamic Dual weapon skin reference Batman's sidekick Robin.




Agents of Mayhem- Safeword Intro (DLC)

References and External Links[]

  1. Cutscene: Retcon Ending


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