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Legion is the disease, I'm the cure.

Rama, A.K.A. Pranati Malhotra, is a M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and part of the Bombshells, alongside Joule and Red Card[1].

To unlock Rama as a playable character, players need to complete Operation: Raging Arrow.


Distinguished immunologist Pranati Malhotra fought to contain a Dark Matter Plague that spread like wildfire across her country. Now she pursues a cure for the disease and vengeance upon those unleashed it.


Name Icon Quote Description
Energy B.O.W.
Icon BOW
"I don't mind waiting." The longer she charges the shot, the more damage the strike inflicts.
Patience Is Rewarded (Passive) "Virtues are their own reward." If Rama holds a fully-charged bowshot in fine-aim for two seconds, she gains Precision until the shot is fired or she leaves fine-aim.

MAYHEM ability[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Patient Zero
Icon Patient Zero
"The Hippocratic Oath has limits." Rama's next shot uses a modified dark matter plague. A hit enemy is infected, suffering Damage over Time. When they die, a cloud of poisonous gas spreads the infection to other enemies.


Name Icon Description
Smokescreen The Agent renders themselves invisible for a short duration.
Wall Climb The Agent can scale walls like some kind of arachnid person!



Name Icon Quote Description
Death Trap
Icon Death Trap
"Anger is my enemy. Anger is my friend." Rama launches a trap which deals high damage to targets within its field once triggered.
Panic Trap "Fear is the great contagion." Rama launches a trap which deals moderate damage and Panics targets within its field once triggered.


Name Icon Quote Description
Archer Ring "Kind words mean nothing to snakes and rats." This small device helps Rama charge up her arrows 20% faster but reduces her range.
EM Target Array "When evil reveals its heart to you, pluck it out." High-frequency EM pulses help Rama target vital organs and increases critical his damage by 25%.


Name Icon Quote Description
Rama's Bridge "Who protects the protectors? I do." This armor modification generates a field that heals Rama and her squadmates when she inflicts a critical kill on an enemy.
Chariot Wheel "Haste is the better part of valor." This armor modification grants Haste when Rama's shields are depleted.


Name Icon Description
Deadshot The Agent deals bonus damage to enemies currently affected by a debuff.
Shieldbuster The Agent deals bonus damage to Shields and pierces targets protected by Hard Shields. (Requires Agent Lv. 10)


Name Icon Quote Description On upgrade you gain
Noble Avatar "In this world, who is righteous and true?" Rama finds inspiration in her mythological namesake, renowned for his strength, virtue, and courage/ +5% Weak Point Damage
Biophysicist "Only revenge can heal my soul." Rama's intense study of LEGION's dark matter plague has helped her create powerful biological agents. +5% Damage Over Time Effects
Neurologist "A sitar with no strings is silent." Rama's expert knowledge of traps help her more efficiently administer paralysis and pain. +8% Trap Arm Time Reduction
True Refuge "Grief is the only enemy I fear." Rama is a loyal protector of her friends and fellow agents. +5% Reduction to Debuff Durations (Squad Bonus)

Core Upgrades[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Slayer of Ravana "No god or spirit could kill Ravana so Vishnu took birth as a human to defeat him." Accelerates the cooldown of Rama's Special Ability and grants bonus Special Ability damage when she is the active agent and her Mayhem is ready.
Rishi's Blessing "With the divine weapons of Vishvamitra, Rama vanquished demons." Rama fires two Plague Arrows when she uses her Mayhem Ability.
Pavana's Whisper "The lord of the winds carries our troubles away from us." Using Rama's Smoke Screen ability also creates a Damage Over Time effect at her location.


Agent skins[]

Weapon skins[]


Rama's vehicle is a Custom Mockingbird, her vehicles skin is called "Arrowflight" and is a shade of purplish blue, with orange patters overlaying it.


  • Her name and skin "Living Legend" and use of bows are references to the Hindu deity Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu. Her upgrades and core upgrades also contain references to the Hindu god, with "Noble Avatar" being in reference to his status as an avatar of Vishnu, "Slayer of Ravana" in reference to his battle with the demon king Ravana, and "Rishi's Blessing" being in reference to Vishvamitra, the sage who taught Rama to use celestial weaponry.






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