Quartermile, A.K.A. Enzo Garibaldi, is a M.A.Y.H.E.M. base agent in charge of the ARK's vehicle bay.

Biography Edit

Backstory Edit

A former designer and racer of top Italian sports cars, Enzo Garibaldi started up a private company that bullet-proofed limousines, designed Pope-mobiles, and produced other high-security combat-ready vehicles. Persephone recruited him to produce MAYHEM's special vehicles armed with an array of weapons Enzo could never hope to acquire for the commercial market.[1]

On Devil's Night Edit

Quartermile spent Devil's Night in a haze. He had been drinking heavily that day to try and forget the pain of losing the affections of the Lady Pendley of Monaco to his arch rival Bianchi. First he took his hand, then he took his woman.

Relationships Edit

Quartermile has an infatuation with Persephone even though the feelings are not mutual. He dislikes sharing a storage space with Relic and has a shared animosity towards Claymore.

Connections Edit

He once raced cars on the finest tracks of Europe. He was dismembered by the rival car designer, Bianchi, who now works for L.E.G.I.O.N.

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to be narcissistic as he grows jealous when Kingpin beats his race time.[2]
  • Persephone is afraid that his affection towards vehicles may become sexual.

References Edit

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