Agents of Mayhem Wiki

In total, there are 55 missions featured in Agents of Mayhem.

Main Story[]

  • Operation: Spin-off
    • Knock, Knock
    • Welcome to Seoul
  • Operation: Raging Arrow, Rama's Recruitment
  • Operation: Heaven Sent
    • Beam with Pride
    • Skyfall
    • All You Can Eat
  • Operation: The Morning After, Daisy's Recruitment
  • Operation: Star Power
    • All the Rave
    • Run the Gauntlet
    • Working in Concert (glitch)
  • Operation: Dimensions of the Ninja, Scheherezade Recruitment
  • Operation: Machine Man
  • Operation: Red Queen
    • Dancing in the Streets
    • Grief Counseling
    • Sibling Rivalry
  • Operation: Mad House
    • Rise of the Bots
    • Bubble, Bubble, Toil, And...
    • Enter the Dollhouse
  • Operation: Damocles
    • Sleeping Giant
    • Hunter Hunted
    • Two Birds
    • Fall of Babylon

Agent Missions[]

Agent Recruitment:[]

  • Operation: Let's Go, Braddock's Recruitment
  • Operation: Royal Pain, Kingpin's Recruitment
  • Operation: Caged Ice, Yeti's Recruitment
  • Operation: Tecnologia, Joule's Recruitment
  • Operation: Demon & Fox, Oni's Recruitment
  • Operation: Big Game, Red Card's Recruitment

Agent Personal Missions:[]

  • Operation: No Escape, Hollywood's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Thick as Thieves, Fortune's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Hardasssss, Hardtack's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Race against the Plague, Rama's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Street Fight, Braddock's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Crowning Achievement, Kingpin's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Coldfinger, Yeti's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Steal the Show, Joule's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Boom!, Daisy's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Aiko's Story, Oni's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Das Crazy, Red Card's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Worlds Within Worlds, Scheherazade's Personal Mission

Squad Missions:[]

In order to unlock these missions, player has to complete through the personal missions of the team members.

  • Operation: Franchise Force
  • Operation: Bombshells
  • Operation: Firing Squad
  • Operation: Carnage a Trios

DLC missions[]

Agent Recruitment:[]

  • Operation: Good Cop, Bot Cop, Gat's Recruitment
  • Operation: Day-Off of the (Formerly) Dead, Lazarus' Recruitment
  • Operation: Meritorious Interruptus, Safeword's Recruitment

Agent Personal Missions:[]

  • Operation: Gattitude Adjustment, Gat's Personal Mission
  • Operation: Hate is Enough, Lazarus' Personal Mission
  • Operation: Cause and Effect, Safeword's Personal Mission