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Operation: Demon and Fox is a quest about Oni which consists of two parts: Special Investigation: Oni and Operation: Demon and Fox.

Special Investigation: Oni[]

The mission starts with a task to hijack a vehicle. Okay. Drive to the location and hop into the car that needs hijacking. Drive it over to the nearby garage, but be weary of enemy vehicles. They will slam into you and quickly deplete your health. Stay near other vehicles on the road to give them less of an opportunity to wreak havoc!

With the squared away, get back into your normal car and drive off to the waypoint where you'll need to kill off several L.E.G.I.O.N patrols. From there, drive into an alley and look inside the parking garage to find a bucket that can be hacked to open up a lair.

Once inside, use the terminal to download the lair information, then start following the waypoints. Reach the room with the power conduits and start destroying each one. There are usually explosives nearby, so make sure to detonate those first. Done with the power conduits, head into the next room and you'll be tasked with finding another L.E.G.I.O.N portable data server. It's in the side room. Hack it, then head into the next room where an elevator will end the mission.

Operation: Demon and Fox[]

Oni is now ready to go. Start by locating Shin Min-Ji. Drive to the location on your map where you'll find LEGION agents. Once the area is secured and Shin Min-Ji is taken care of, investigate the food stand.

Head to the next waypoint. As you run towards a truck you're trying to get to, L.E.G.I.O.N agents appear. This small alley is good for practicing your special ability. Killing someone with your special will instantly recharge it. After the enemies are killed, take a look at the truck.

Now it's time to get to the warehouse district. Head inside and take out the enemies. The next checkpoint area will have you destroying dozens of crates. Thankfully they are grouped into three areas, each with a set of explosives nearby. There are stairs in the warehouse that will take you up to the second floor.

And with that the mission is over!


Special Investigation:

  • Hijack Delivery Vehicle
  • Acquire Vehicle for Quartermile
  • Drive to Drop-Off Location
  • Kill The Patrol
  • Infiltrate The Legion Lair
  • Scan For Lair Entrance
  • Infiltrate Legion Lair
  • Download Lair Information
  • Enter Next Room
  • Kill All Enemies
  • Enter Next Room
  • Locate And Hack Legion Portable Data Server
  • Enter Next Room
  • Exit Lair

Operation: Demon and Fox

  • Locate Shin Min-Ji
  • Secure the Area
  • Investigate The Food Stand
  • Find The Truck
  • Secure The Area
  • Investigate The Truck
  • Go To The Warehouse District
  • Destroy The Crates


Special Investigation:

  • Cash
  • +1,515-1,650 XP


  • Corps Strength
  • Custom-Made
  • Snowball Effect

Operation: Demon and Fox

  • +2,650 Cash
  • XP


  • Black Betty Barrel