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LEGION Tech are powerful modifications crafted by Gremlin at the R+D Lab that are used to enhance Agent Gadgets. Claymore at the Armory will allow you to socket the LEGION Tech onto your Agents' Gadgets. LEGION Tech requires Schematics to be built, which can be earned as a reward for completing LEGION lairs or defeating Pride Captains.

Each Agent has 9 slots for LEGION Tech to be viewed and equipped from. 8 slots are normal LEGION Tech while one is reserved for Elite LEGION Tech, of which can be earned from completing the Moscow Global Offensive.

List of LEGION Tech[]


Name Icon Description Quote
Adrenaline Rush Critical kills grant Haste for 2 seconds. "Yeah, you get that blood pumpin'!"
Artillery Upgrade Increases the laser strikes in Braddock's Mayhem Ability by 3.

"Good thing Relic 'knows a guy', eh?"

Big Momma Mag Increases magazine size by 15. "The more bullets, the better."
Flinchback When hit by a melee attack, Braddock has a 25% chance to inflict Panic on all nearby enemies. "They'll think twice about messing with you."
Fubar Special ammo kills grant 8% bonus Mayhem. "Always good to add a wee bit more crazy to the mix."
Oorah! When Braddock kills an enemy she has a 20% chance to gain Empower. "You like the rush, don't ye?"
Predator Mode Each time Braddock's Shield goes from full power to destroyed, she gains Fortify for 3 seconds. "You got the eye of a killer, lass."
Prize Winner Inflict 40% additional damage against LEGION Commanders. "That's what they get for wearing their rank."
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: Bad Mother
Increase Special Ability ammo count by 50%. Kills with Critical Hits grant 5% additional Mayhem. Braddock gains Fortify while in fine aim. "I always like your directness, Braddock."


Name Icon Description Quote
Ballroom Blitz Daisy does Triple Damage to Blitztroopers. "Aye, this'll put an end to their hijinks!"
Bush Trimmer Daisy's minigun has a 25% faster rate of fire. "This'll get 'em outta yer way!"
Concussive Force Hits by Daisy's minigun have a 15% chance to inflict Disrupt on enemies. "Show 'em ye mean business!"
Derby Spirit Daisy regenerates 1.5% Health per second when using a Special Ability. "This'll put the fire in your eye, Daisy."
Express Pass Collisions while using a Special Ability generate bonus Mayhem. "Nothing wrong with a little extra roughness, amirite?"
Firehose A refined regulator that increases spread on Daisy's minigun but reduced the heat generated per shot by 35% "Adds a nice balance to a real nut-puncher of a gun."
Fully-Notched Belt Daisy's minigun spins up slower but damage increases by 30%. "Good things come to those who wait."
Pushback Daisy's minigun gains a 5% chance to inflict Knockback on enemies. "Get them bastards out of yer way! Ha!"
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: Daisy Cutter
While using a Special Ability, collisions cause an explosion but add Heat to Daisy's minigun. Kills with her minigun reduce the weapon's Heat. Daisy gains 2 stacks of Fortify while using a Special or Mayhem Ability. "I named it after your old Derby name, lass."


Name Icon Description Quote
Especially Potent Increases Special Ability damage by 50%. "Let's make ye even more deadly."
Glorious Damage GLORY also deals damage with normal stun attacks. "I knew Glory could do more for you!"
Shockingly Glorious GLORY prioritizes Tanktroopers and stuns them longer. "The bigger they are and all."
Sitting Ducks Stunned enemies always get crit damage. "They'll never see it coming!"
Special Shield Booster Hitting an enemy with her Special Ability causes 40% of her shield to regenerate over the next 6 seconds. "A wee kick to your shield's arse."
Splash Over 50% increased splash damage for overcharged shots. "You'll make a real splash! Okay, bad joke."
Stunning Finish Killing stunned targets gives 8% extra Mayhem. "Line 'em up then knock 'em down."
The More The Merrier If shields are higher than 50%, weapon damage is increased by 15%. "True for the finer things in life."
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: Captain On Deck
Temporarily increases GLORY's rate of fire when Special Ability is used. Overcharge kills extend the overcharge duration be 33%. Melee kills drop bonus cash. "Never forget who's captain."


Name Icon Description Quote
Cold Steel Special Ability cooldown is reduced by 25%. "Of course I'm cool―I wear sunglasses all the time."
Flash Point Boombot and LEGION Turret kills grant bonus Mayhem. "Fuckin' machines..."
Full Blast Gat drops a grenade when he's downed. "This could use a cherry on top."
Hammer Down Gat's Special Ability shots have a 20% chance to critically hit. "I like my chances right now."
Necessary Risk Gat gains 2 stacks of Empower when he is Fortified from Cheating Death. "Sometimes I get a little carried away."
Rough Justice Gat's shotgun has a 25% chance to Knockback enemies. "Rough's the only way I know how to play."
Survival Instinct 35% of damage inflicted by Gat's Special Ability heals him. "Feelin' stronger every day."
The Big Heat Increases the duration of Gat's Mayhem Ability. "I can do this all day."
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: Path of Destruction
Special Ability kills reset Special Ability cooldown. Gat's shotgun ammo gets upgraded to explosive rounds. Dashing grants ammo. "This'll come in handy."


Name Icon Description Quote
Bundle Up When Hardtack hits multiple enemies with his shotgun, he inflicts 25% bonus damage. "Sometimes ya gotta just share the love."
De-Bufftrooper When hitting Bufftroopers with his Special Ability, Hardtack destroys their armor and their shields. "Ain't nothing buff about 'em then!"
Fear Factor Hardtack has a 50% chance to inflict Disrupt on enemies that damage him. "Ya scare the socks off 'em!"
Full Circle Hardtack's melee radius is increased by 20%. "Give 'em hell!"
Health Fortress Hardtack gains Fortify with every health pack pickup. "There's more in those packs than you might think!"
Punch Power Hardtack gains 25% melee damage. "Two words for ya: Concussive Enhancement."
Real Stunner If the enemy is at full health when Hardtack hits them, he inflicts Stun on them. "Ach, the good ol' element of surprise!"
Rush of Blood When Hardtack drops to 20% health, he gains Empower and Fortify. "Just a li'l something to take the edge off."
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: The Hardest Tack
More damage for 4 seconds after Special. 40% chance to reload after critical hit on enemy. Health pack pickups grant 20% additional Mayhem. "Ain't none harder."


Name Icon Description Quote
Comeback King When shields are restored, regain 5% Health. "My comeback? I was never gone, babe."
Crowd Pleaser After hitting 3+ enemies with a grenade, Hollywood gains Empower for 6 seconds. "Gotta give the people what they want."
Heavy-Handed Extra melee damage against Helltroopers. "Sometimes you gotta teach 'em with force.
Overdressed Hollywood gains 15% additional shields. "Some say overdressed, I say leading by example."
Starstruck When an enemy deals damage to Hollywood, there's a 15% chance the attacks inflict Enfeeble on them. "Don't mess with the talent, kid."
Stuntman Kills while airborne generate 15% bonus Mayhem. "Like that parkour you folks are into."
Trick Shot While not in fine aim, Hollywood's kills generate 3% more Mayhem. "Yeah, it's not really that tricky."
VIP Special Ability damage is increased by 25%. "I'm not playing favorites but I particularly like this one."
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: Action Force
20% Chance to complete Special Ability cooldown on Special Ability use. Kills during Mayhem Ability restore 10% Health. Gain 1 stack of Fortify while airborne or while dashing. "I put the act in action."


Name Icon Description Quote
Big Finale When Joule's turrets are destroyed, they explode and Stun surrounding enemies for a long time. "Always go out with a bang."
Fast E Furioso Joule's beam weapon has a lower maximum build up, but when it reaches full power, Joule gains Haste. "It'll really get your blood pumping."
Favorite Pastime Picking up R+D materials grants 15% Mayhem. "When you enjoy something, it shows."
First Impression Joule gains Empower when she kills an enemy with her weapon. "This'll show 'em who you are, lass."
Quick Change As it is first deployed to the field, Joule's turret gains 2 stacks of Empower. "Until I can install limitless ammunition, this will have to do."
Superior Design Joule and her turrets gain double damage versus LEGION turrets. "Let's face it, yours are better."
True Confidence Turret gains Empower after 8 seconds. "Practice makes perfect after all."
Twinsies The turret immediately targets whoever Joule is currently shooting. "Almost like it can read your thoughts, eh?"
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech:
Turrets generate an aura of Slow and Enfeeble. When Joule shoots a target with her weapon, the target gains 2 stacks of Vulnerable. Positive Status Effects and health packs apply to Joule's turrets as well. "Tailor-made for ya, Joule. Ha! Tailor-made! Get it?"


Name Icon Description Quote
Big Bumpin' Kingpin inflicts 12% increased damage from his basic weapon. "Where do you think you're running to, huh?"
Break of Dawn Kingpin's Mayhem Ability gains 40% longer duration. "Now the party never has to stop!"
Crazy-Maker Kingpin gains 12% bonus Mayhem from Special Ability kills. "Chaos begets chaos, lad."
More Mags Kingpin's weapon gains extra ammo. "I'm not sayin' you're messy with bullets though maybe I am."
Pride Is Weak Hitting a Pride Captain with Kingpin's Special Ability inflicts Vulnerability to that Pride Captain. "This one has a way with the big boys, lad."
Slow Your Roll Hits from Kingpin's basic weapon have a chance to inflict Slow on enemies. "They're not really in a hurry anyway."
Sweat Blood Kingpin's Mayhem Ability inflicts Damage over Time to all those trapped within it. "UNH. Ya gotta dance til it hurts now!"
Throwback Kingpin inflicts Knockback on enemies when his Shield drops to zero. "This'll get 'em out the way!"
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: King of 3rd Street
Durations for Buffs and Debuffs are increased. All Special Abilities inflict Immobilize on the targets. Using his Special Ability restores 40% Shields. "I really should visit Stilwater some day"


Name Icon Description Quote
Dead Man Switch
TechIcon Lazarus DeadManSwitch
When an enemy with nanites attached to them dies, Lazarus' shields immediately reboot. "I take from you what I need."
Direct Drive
TechIcon Lazarus DirectDrive
Lazarus' Mayhem Ability duration is increased by 40%. "Can you stand this any longer?"
Enhanced Edition
TechIcon Lazarus EnhancedEdition
The positive effects on Lazarus from her special are greatly increased. "I only grow more powerful."
Force Feedback
TechIcon Lazarus ForceFeedback
Nanites automatically critically hit Tanktroopers. "I fear nothing―human or otherwise."
Hybrid Swarm
TechIcon Lazarus HybridSwarm
Nanite clusters' damage increases for each cluster deployed. "Give in to the Swarm!"
Silent Running
TechIcon Lazarus SilentRunning
Lazarus gains a stack of Empower when she goes into stealth. "You cannot kill what you cannot see."
Through Beam
TechIcon Lazarus ThroughBeam
Lazarus deals increased Special Ability Damage to each enemy with exactly one swarm cluster on them. "Nature favors me."
Toxic Shock
TechIcon Lazarus ToxicShock
Enemies with two or more stacks of nanites are inflicted with Enfeeble. "You do not look well."
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: End Effector
Lazarus' special cooldown is halved. Lazarus gains five extra ammo and fires in two shot bursts. Nanites will automatically find a new target when the enemy they are attached to dies or when their duration expires. "The end is not necessarily the end."


Name Icon Description Quote
Blitzbreaker When Blitztroopers are inside Oni's aura, they are Disrupted. "I hear ye hate them the most, eh, Oni?"
Demon Teeth This subaural amplifier increases Oni's minimum Aura size. "Just don't use this in the Ark."
Hell Contained When Oni's Shield breaks, his Aura expands. "Don't let nothing contain ye."
Invisible Shot With each critical hit against an enemy from his weapon, Oni has a 15% chance to regain one bullet. "It's magic. Just trust me on it."
Kiss of Death When Oni kills someone with his melee attack, his Special Ability cooldown is reduced by 20%. "This'll get ye blood pumping."
Mayhem Manifest Enemies killed by Oni's Special Ability give him 8% bonus Mayhem. "It's all about synergy, right?"
Sheer Presence Oni's Mayhem Ability maxes out his Aura. "One hand feeds the other."
Stare Intensifier Oni's Intimidating Stare passive also temporarily Disrupts enemies. "Your eyes are kinda freaky, Oni."
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: Dai-Oni
Oni gains two charges of his Special Ability. Oni gains Empower when he manages consecutive critical hits. Killing an enemy inside Oni's aura increases his aura size. "It's the name I gave the rage inside me."


Name Icon Description Quote
10-Headed Demon While her Mayhem Ability is ready, Rama inflicts 20% more weapon damage. "Make 'em soil their armor!"
Divine Sight Rama inflicts 20% more damage at long range. "Give 'em hell, Rama!"
Global Anaesthetic Critical hits have a 30% chance to inflict Slow on enemies near the target. "Outta their face in no time!"
Hard Reset Traps have a 30% chance of re-arming themselves after they are triggered." "We built a better mousetrap!"
Manava Astra Non-critical shots have a 25% chance to inflict Knockback. "Knock the bastards off their feet!"
Plasma Blast Health packs generate 8% Mayhem when used. "Who says health packs are boring?"
Powercurve Rama's bow takes longer to charge but inflicts 40% more damage. "Fine gear comes in small bulk."
Sniper Duel Rama does 100% increased damage against Snipetroopers. "Better an arrow than a sheep!"
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: Bullseye
Rama sets 2 traps when using her Special Ability. Rama fully charges her shot 35% faster. Critical hits inflict 65% of the damage caused as bonus damage over time. "When your aim is true, you cannot miss."

Red Card[]

Name Icon Description Quote
Big Risk/Big Reward If Red Card maxes out the charge during his Special Ability, he gains a stack of Empower. "Only at the brink of death do you truly feel alive, ey?"
Fair Charger Rifle shot hits have a 15% chance to inflict Vunerable. "Eh, fuck those guys."
First Attacker Red Card gains Life Steal on his weapon attacks. "Like any true sports fan, you thrive off the energy of others."
Fodder Marauder Helltrooper melee kills add 25% to Red Card's innate health recovery from kills. "I know you like hitting people."
Living On The Edge Damage dealt to Red Card while he's charging his Special Ability generates bonus Mayhem. "Call it yer BLIND RAGE mode!"
Mad Dash Enemies hit by Red Card's Dash Impact gain Vulnerability. "It's all about applying just the RIGHT amount of pain."
Risk Mitigation The charge time on Red Card's Special Ability is increased, upping his maximum damage. "Blood for the blood god, eh?"
Shotty-Knockback Critical hits from Red Card's shotgun inflict Knockback. "This'll get 'em out of yer way."
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: Danger Zone
Gains Haste while charging his Special Ability. 4 more shotgun shots. Gain Haste during Mayhem Ability. "Take a ride into THIS danger zone!"


Name Icon Description Quote
Anticipation Weapon kills give Safeword extra Mayhem. "Good things come to those who make 'em happen."
Backdoor Weapon hits have a chance to inflict vulnerability.

"They won't know what hit 'em."

Binding Weapon hits have a chance to immobilize enemies. "Easier to hit when they don't move on ya."
Impatience Safeword's weapon charge time is reduced. "This should speed things up."
Network Disruption Weapon hits have a chance to disrupt enemies. "This should keep 'em from botherin' ya, lass."
Personal Space Enemies hit with Safeword's special are knocked back. "Keep enemies at bay, that's what I always say."
Power Hungry Safeword's Mayhem ability gains an additional shot of hacking ammo. "More ammo is always better in my opinion."
Proper Protection Shocktroopers that melee Safeword get knocked back and are stunned. "Don't let those buggers get too close."
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: Mistress of Mayhem
When Safeword uses her special ability, an extra wall will fire from the furthest point to sandwich enemies in between them. When Safeword fires a fully charged burst, she has a chance to also fire a wall from her special ability. Every 10 seconds an enemy near Safeword will explode, causing damage to itself and other nearby enemies. "You're in charge now. Just don't tell Persephone I said that."


Name Icon Description Quote
Art of Kill-igraphy Scheherazade gains Empower when she kills using Fine Aim. "Gremlin named it."
Bombtrooper When Scheherazade kills Swarmtroopers, their corpses explode after they die. "This one makes me laugh."
Downtime Scheherazade regains 7.5% Health per second while Stealthed. "Best to take a breather now and then."
Flashbomb The ninja's smoke bomb grants Scheherazade brief use of Haste. "Best to get in and get out."
Persistent Pain Critical hits delivered by Scheherazade have a chance to do Damage over Time. "It takes a little finesse but it's worth it."
Standstill Scheherazade's Special Ability also inflicts Immobilize on the target. "Because you're so stunning. Ha!"
Surprise Attack Scheherazade's teleport attack inflicts Vulnerable on the target. "Gives ya time to find just the right spot."
Up Close And Personal When 3 enemies are in close range, Scheherazade gains Empower. "That's what they get for cuddling during battle."
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: The Domination
Damage over Time is double-strength. Gain a stack of Empower with each kill. Teleporting grants Stealth. "Ninjas were really big in the 80s, weren't they?"


Name Icon Description Quote
Arctic Aftershock Enemies who melee Yeti are Stunned for 2 seconds. "Ha! Poor saps shoulda known better."
Early Winter Grants 15% cooldown reduction, and when Yeti uses his Special Ability, without having a fully-frozen weapon, he gains Fortify. "Sometimes it pays to shoot early. What? Why are you laughing?"
Frost Power Yeti gains Empower if 3 or more enemies are in close range. "It feeds off their fear. Ha! Just kidding. It's physics."
Ice Shocker Yeti does 200% increased melee damage to Shocktroopers. "Like two kaiju having a boxing match."
Inner Warmth Yeti also regains 100% Shield when he picks up a Health pickup. "Like chicken soup for the sociopath."
Invigorator When Yeti's Shield reactivates after having been destroyed, he gains 15% Health. "Not sure why it does that but I ain't gonna complain, y'know."
Snowblind Yeti's weapon does 10% bonus damage, and each time it damages an enemy there is a 20% chance they become Blinded. "That's what they get for not wearing proper eye protection."
Snowfort When Yeti's Health drops to 20%, he gains Fortify. "Side effects include dizziness and KILLING LEGION!"
Name Icon Special Weapon Passive Quote
Elite Tech: General Winter
50% Increased duration of all inflicted Debuffs. Fully-frozen weapon requires 2 frozen melees to clear. Dashing restores 20% Shields. "Legend says General Winter always watches over your homeland, Yeti."


  • Daisy's Ballroom Blitz LEGION Tech may be a reference to the rock song Ballroom Blitz by Sweet, as one of her favorite genres of music is rock.
  • Most of the quotes are either said by Claymore, Gremlin, or the Agent themself.