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This article is for Kingpin, for Saints Row version see Pierce.

Blood in, blood out

Pierce Washington, A.K.A. Kingpin, is a M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and a part of the Firing Squad, alongside Oni and Scheherazade. He is one of the Saints Row characters that appears in the Agents of Mayhem universe.

To unlock Kingpin as a playable character, players need to complete Operation: Royal Pain.


As the current acting leader of the Vice Kings, a week before the Devil's Night Pierce successfully unified all the gangs of Stilwater under one flag by making a deal with them. During the Devil's Night, Kingpin and his lieutenants stood as a united front effectively defending themselves against L.E.G.I.O.N.'s Ministry of Gluttony, the ministry that Persephone Brimstone was leading before she betrayed LEGION and formed MAYHEM. When Persephone turned good, she offered a job opportunity for Pierce as she was impressed by his skills. He accepted.


Name Icon Quote Description
Icon SMG
"Magazine? I call 'em clips!" The SMG is fully automatic but has a small magazine and a short range.
Full of Surprises (Passive) "They think I'm out but they don't know. While Kingpin's Health is below 40%, the Buffs during Kingpin's Special Ability have increased duration.

MAYHEM ability[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Dance Party
Icon Dance Party
"Everybody on your feet!" Kingpin drops a boom box and lays down his latest mix. All enemies within range are Stunned and are inflicted with Sick Dance Moves.


Name Icon Description
Dash The Agent can Dash around the battlefield with short, quick bursts of movement.
Air Dash The Agent has the ability to Dash in mid-jump.



Hollywood's special ability is launching a grenade from his assault rifle at the targeted enemy. The default cooldown for this special ability is 29 seconds.

Name Icon Quote Description
Gun Machine
Icon SMG
"That guy knows what he did." Using his SMG, Kingpin inflicts damage and Vulnerability to enemies within a blast radius. Kingpin gains Precision and Empower.
Dare to Flair "Claymore may hate "Flair Gun" as a name, but, oh well." Using his Flare Gun, Kingpin inflicts damage over a large area. If an enemy is already inflicted with Damage over Time, it does bonus damage. Kingpin gains Haste and Fortify.



Name Icon Quote Description
Patience Popper "Good things come to those who wait, right?" Kingpin's Special Ability cooldowns take longer but his Special Ability inflicts 30% more damage.


Name Icon Description
Skinpiercer The Agent deals bonus damage to Armor and pierces targets protected by Hard Armor.
Giant Slayer The Agent deals bonus damage against enemies ranked LEGION Commander or higher. (Requires Agent Lv. 10)


Name Icon Quote Description On upgrade you gain
Specializer "I got this trick I like to do..." Kingpin takes flexing his skills very, very seriously. +5% Special Ability Power
Opportunist "How else are you gonna rise to the top?" When Kingpin sees an opening, he takes it. +2.5% Damage to Enemies with Debuffs
Bulletproof "There's a good reason I ain't a ghost, baby!" You don't make it long in Stilwater if you can't stand up to some heat. +5% Shield Reboot
Showboat "If you got it, you better flaunt it now." Kingpin wants everybody he rolls with to make their presence known. +2% Special Ability Refresh (Squad Bonus)

Core Upgrades[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Pain Reflex "Desperate measures, people!" When his health drops below 75%, 50% and 25%, Kingpin's Special Ability becomes available immediately.
Rough em Up "Minimum effort with maximum return." When Kingpin gets a melee kill, he automatically gains the Buff from his equipped Special Ability.
Banger "My parties are always explosive." Kingpin's Mayhem Ability ends in an explosion that inflicts damage on all enemies that were already dancing.


Agents Skins []


Weapon Skin[]


Kingpin's vehicle is a Custom Neuron, possible a reference to Saints Row The Third as it was a car he told you to customize in one of the first missions, His Vehicle skin is called "Platinum Record" and is primarily Golden in color, with a different spoiler


  • He is one of the four characters from Saints Row series that are playable, others being Gat, Yeti, and Safeword.
  • He and Yeti will occasionally play chess on the ARK, a reference to Saints Row The Third where their Saints Row versions played chess on multiple occasions.
  • Kingpin's Hoverboard Not Included skin could be a reference to Marty McFly the main character of the Back to the Future Franchise.
  • Kingpin shares the same facial features with Hip-Hop artist, Hopsin.
  • Kingpin's SMG largely resembles a stockless variant of the KRISS Vector sub machine gun.
  • He appears to remember some of his past life, as he mentioned he felt like he knew Yeti from somewhere.
  • He has a foot fetish.





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