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Joule, A.K.A. Cosima Bellini is a M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and part of the Bombshells, alongside Rama and Red Card[1].

To unlock Joule as a playable character, players need to complete Operation: Technologia.


The daughter of a rich and wealthy titan in the fashion world and one of the most brilliant engineering minds in Europe, Cosima worked hard to live up to both her parents' legacies. But when L.E.G.I.O.N. went after her father's work, her parents went into hiding. But Cosima? She went to the front lines and joined M.A.Y.H.E.M.[2].


MAYHEM ability[]

It's a real stunner.
Icon Safeties Off

Joule's mayhem ability, Safeties Off, has her deploy a super powered turret that emits a huge pulse which Staggers and damages enemies but heals her base turret.



Name Icon Quote Description
Eye-Catcher "Sometimes you just want to grab everyone's attention." Reload - Deploy/Recall turret.

Special Ability - turret draws enemy attention and becomes Invulnerable. Joule will deploy the turret first if it is not in the field and is deployable.

Life of Excess "Everyone wants to follow the trends of today." Reload - Deploy/Recall turret.

Special Ability -temporarily increases the turret's rate of fire. Joule will deploy the turret first if it is not in the field and is deployable.

Making Waves
Icon Life of Excess
"Nothing is as stunning as a new trend." Reload - Deploy/Recall turret.

Special Ability - turret emits a shockwave that Stuns and Damages nearby enemies. Joule will deploy the turret first if it is not in the field and is deployable.


I based it on an old design of my father's.

While Joule's beam weapon, Beamer, continuously inflicts damage, it charges up and deals increased damage until it hits a cap. The beam also has an increasing chance to make enemies vulnerable.

Name Icon Quote Description
Supply and Demand "Give your audience what they want." Joule's turret switches to Burst Fire mode. It's rate of fire is increased by 20%.
Finishing Touch "A perfect little coup de grace." When the turret is destroyed, it explodes, dealing damage in a radius around it.
Showstopper "Show them something to remember." Joule's weapon does 25% more damage to enemies.


Name Icon Quote Description
Custom-Made "It's always better to design for someone's exact measurements." Using specially-fabricated components, Joule increases her turret health by 20%.
Accessorize "I don't like going long without a little friend around." Reduces Joule's turret rebuild time by 80%, but turrets have 50% of normal max health and shields.
Peek-a-Boo "A side effect of our special connection." Joule is Fortified when repairing her turrets.


Name Icon Quote Description On upgrade you gain
Fashion Forward "One must always reach for the stars." Making sure a turret can reach its target properly is her key to success. +5% Turret Range
Turret Loving Care (TLC) "A healthy turret is a happy turret." Effectiveness of Joule's repair beam is increased. +5% Turret Repair
Avant-Garde "I try not to outshine my own work, though often I do." A proper fashion show never ends before the designer gets to walk the runway. +3% Mayhem Ability Duration
Scavanger "One person's junk is another's invention waiting to be created." As a engineer, Joule knows useful components can be found just about anywhere. +5% Bonus R+D Materials (Squad Bonus)

Core Upgrades[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Proper Protection
CoreUpgrades Joule ProperProtection
"The longer they last, the happier I am." Joule's turret now has its own Shield.
Remote Deployment
CoreUpgrades Joule RemoteDeployment
"I've been working on my pitching arm." Joule can deploy her turret at a much greater range.
CoreUpgrades Joule Megaturret
"Perhaps my best creation yet - besides my currret ensemble, that is." Joule's Mayhem turret inflicts Vulnerable and Slow on enemies. It also delivers Damage over Time to enemies it attacks.


Name Icon Description
Master Programmer
Specializations MasterProgrammer
This Agent can attempt Hard difficulty hacks. The agent will automatically complete Easy and Medium hacks.
Specializations Shieldbuster
The Agent deals bonus damage to Shields and pierces targets protected by Hard Shields (Requires Level 10)

Passive Ability[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Dash N/A The Agent can Dash around the battlefield with short, quick bursts of movement.
Wall Climb N/A The Agent can scale walls like some kind of arachnid person!
Field Repair "I have to take care of my babies." Joule heals her turret when she shoots her beam gun at it or when she melees it.

When recalled, the turret will slowly repair itself.


Agent skins[]

Weapon skins


  • Her codename, Joule, comes from the derived unit for energy.
    • When said, her codename sounds like "Jewel", which is a reference to her double life.
  • Her normal turret's name is Volta[3].
    • Turret's name is a reference to the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, he is known for inventing the electrical battery.
  • Her MAYHEM ability turret is also confirmed to have a name, however as it is on a timer and does not have health, it is currently unknown what its' name is.
  • Joule is a Roman Catholic.
  • Joule's Fungal Fiefdom agent skin and Peachy Keen weapon skin are no doubt a reference to Super Mario.
  • Joule's Malibu Joule agent skin and Malibu Dreamhouse weapon skin are seemingly a reference to the Barbie franchise.
  • Joule's Nobody's Fool agent skin (from the Legal Action Pending DLC) is clearly a reference to the DC Comics character Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad film.
  • Joule has shown fascination in Oni's suit, even so far as to ask for a "closer inspection" upon his return to The Ark.





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