Agents of Mayhem Wiki


REAL NAME: Roderick Stone


BACKGROUND: TV Personality


WEAPON: Assault Rifle

SPECIALTY: Medium-Range Commando

Aspiring actor. Bounty hunter. Reality TV star. This California pretty boy is now the "Face of MAYHEM." With his perfect teeth and a rifle-mounted razzle grenade launcher, Hollywood is always ready for his close-up.

On Devil's Night

Hollywood was at a party in the Hollywood Hills, trying to sweet talk the producer of the film adaption of Wellman Estate. Little did he know, he spent the entire night speaking to the prop master on Me and Pooches II: Around the World.


Hollywood has romantic designs on Fortune, but the feeling is decidedly not mutual. He considers Hardtack a friend, but Hardtack may only halfway agree with him on that account. He currently has an "arrangement" with Daisy. Rumor is, he also slept with Carol from HR. IT's only a rumor, mind you, but it IS true he's never been reprimanded by the HR department.


Hollywood my have gotten his job vis-a-vis his former employer, Ultor Studios' funding of MAYHEM, but stil, he's determined to win the respect of his fellow agents.

Psych Eval

At first glance, Hollywood seems to be a textbook example of narcissistic personality disorder. But his "big personality" appears to be a mask for a man suffering from fluctuations in self-esteem and several, deep-seeded insecurities.


Current member of SAG. Former member of the International Entertainment Adult Union.

Persephone's Notes

I'm starting to reconsider Hollywood's role as PR spokesman for MAYHEM. He appears to have little to no training in public relations. In fact, the only postsecondary education he has is a forty-hour bartending course,which furthermore, he failed.