The name's Wood. Hollywood
Roderick Stone, A.K.A. Hollywood, is an M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and part of the Franchise Force, alongside Hardtack and Fortune.[2] He is in charge for the PR work of the agency.

Hollywood is one of three playable characters available at the start of the game.

Biography Edit

Rod Stone is an aspiring actor, a bounty hunter and a reality TV star. With his current title being "Face of M.A.Y.H.E.M.", Hollywood is in charge of the agency's PR department.

At the beginning of his career, Rod was an adult film actor[2], making an appearance in a pornographic film Deep Under The Covers under alias Gregory Prickinton.[3]

Background hollywood history video

Hollywood in "Bound By Law".

During some period of his career, Rod transitioned from being a porn star to a reality TV star, having his own reality cop TV show called Bound by Law.[4] His career was doing well, until his showboating lead to his accidentally shooting one of the bail jumpers. His career, and freedom, were saved by his manager who used his connections to get him a role as M.A.Y.H.E.M.'s PR man and public face, in exchange for Ultor burning to death.[4]

Relationships Edit

Hollywood's constant showboating gets him in trouble with Persephone and she has had him sent to HR more than once. His fellow agents, Friday, Fortune and Hardtack are constantly annoyed by him as well. He gets along okay with Kingpin, helping him boost his social status. He also annoyed Gat while attempting to talk in police code, to the point where Gat threatened to kill him in his sleep. He and Daisy have an on again- off-again relationship.

Abilities Edit

MAYHEM ability Edit

It's the role I was born to play.
Hollywood's mayhem ability, Blockbuster, is Hollywood's own Michael Bay movie. He puts on on a pair of shades and dominates the enemy, with the help of unnecessary background explosions and gained 4 stacks of Fortify. During this time, he also has gained a infinite amount of ammo.

Gadgets Edit

Special Edit

Hollywood's special ability is launching a grenade from his assault rifle at the targeted enemy. The default cooldown for this special ability is 29 seconds.

Name Icon Quote Description
Attention Seeker
Icon hollywood attention seeker
"It's all in the timing, y'know??" Hollywood fires a grenade that explodes for a high amount of damage when it hits a target or after a set time.
Photoshot Job "Some things can't be air brushed away, like herpes." Hollywood fires a grenade that explodes for a moderate amount of damage and also makes targets Vulnerable.
Red Carpet Bomb "Learned this trick from the paparazzi." Hollywood fires a grenade that explodes for a moderate amount of damage and also Blinds and Slows targets.

Weapon Edit

Stick with what works, amirite?
Hollywood uses an assault rifle as his main weapon. The default ammo capacity of his weapon is 34 rounds.

The default damage of the rifle is unknown.

Name Icon Quote Description
Rapid Fire Magazine "Hey, what are you calling a smaller mag?" Landing a critical hit increases automatic reload chances by 15%, though at the cost of a smaller mag.
Target Optimizer
Icon hollywood assault rifle
"Sometimes you just gotta shoot from the hip, y'know. We actors call that 'improv'." This attachment increases Hollywood's range while firing from the hip.
Run-And-Gun Stock "Putting the run in run-and-gun." While firing for at least 2 seconds, Hollywood gains Haste.

Passive Edit

Name Icon Quote Description
Last Ditch Launcher "Just when they think I'm at my weakest, HELLO BEAST MODE." Hollywood's Special Ability cools down faster when his shield is at 50% or lower.
Spotlight Booster "All I need is some motivation." Hollywood's Mayhem Ability has a shortened initial duration but each kill extends the duration by 10%.
Star Power Amplifier "Sigh. I didn't ask to be this amazing." Hollywood emits so much raw magnetism that he inflicts Enfeebles and Vulnerable on enemies he Dashes hear.

Upgrades Edit

Name Icon Quote Description On upgrade you gain
Coverboy "Bigger is always better." With an increased magazine, Hollywood can impress the ladies even more. +2 magazine size
Action Hero
Icon hollywood action hero
"The decade of pure awesomeness." Hollywood spent a lot of time learning from the deathdealing heroes of the 1980s. +5% Mayhem Ability Duration
New Age Guru "I was Genghis Khan in a past life' is a pretty sweet pickup line." Hollywood uses "astral meditation" and "past life admiration" techniques to better channel his innate abilities. +3.5% Special Ability Refresh
Team Player "I'm a philanderer at heart. Wait, is that the right word?" Hollywood always tries to give something back to those in need. +5% Bonus Mayhem (Squad Bonus)

Core Upgrades Edit

Name Icon Quote Description
Macaroni Western "I call 'em how I see 'em." When Hollywood shoots from the hip, he earns a bonus to his critical hit damage.
Delayed Reaction "I like to leave 'em a little something extra." Dash leaves behind a timer grenade.
'Merica "Too many explosions? Haha, no such thing." Hollywood's Mayhem Ability now creates more explosions and gives his gun unlimited ammo and a faster rate of fire for the duration of the ability.

Specializations Edit

Name Icon Description
World Savior The Agent deals bonus damage against Golems, Weather Dominators, Hate Machines and Ice Barrage Launchers.
Skinpiercer The Agent deals bonus damage to Armor and pierces targets protected by Hard Armor. (Requires Agent Lv. 10)

Passive Edit

Name Icon Quote Description
Dash N/A The Agent can Dash around the battlefield with short, quick bursts of movement.
Air Dash N/A The Agent has the ability to Dash in mid-jump.
Air-Cooled "Damn, I'm good." Hollywood gains cooldown reduction when he shoots while airborne.

Skins Edit

Agent skins Edit

  • Hollywood (Standard Issue Skin)
  • Commander Hollywood Skin
  • Hollywood Franchise Force Skin
  • Hollywood Stilwater Original Skin
  • Hollywood Too Cool Skin
  • Hollywood's Man of Iron Skin
  • 07 Bound By Law

Weapon skins

  • 01 Standard Issue
  • 02 The Ironmonger
  • 03 The Burst Avenger
  • 04 The Limited Edition
  • 05 The Gat
  • 06 The Chiller
  • 07 Golden Hollywood
  • 08 Bounty Collector

Trivia Edit

  • Hollywood was written by Jennifer Campbell.[4]
  • Hollywood was canonically confirmed to be a pansexual.[4] making him the first LGBT character to be revealed within the game.
    • He is currently the only male LGBT character in the series.
  • Hollywood was originally intended to be from Los Angeles, but when his writer, Jennifer Campbell, found out that his voice actor was from Canada, she immediately changed that.[4]
  • Unused voice line suggest that Hollywood was Marcus Thunderpump's (A co-star from an adult film) best man at his wedding.[4]
  • In Peresphone's Story, Part 3, it is revealed that Hollywood is 34 years old and 1.94m tall.[5]
  • Hollywood's Commander Hollywood and Man of Iron agent skins could be a reference to Marvel Comic's Captain America and Iron Man

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Agent stream - Meet Hollywood

Agent stream - Meet Hollywood

References Edit

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