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Ahoy, motherfucker!

Hardtack, A.K.A. Ishmael Funderburke, is an M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and part of the Franchise Force, alongside Fortune and Hollywood.

Hardtack is one of three playable characters available at the start of the game.


When L.E.G.I.O.N. attacked the USS American Eagle and its carrier strike group, CPO Ishmael Funderburke fought bravely to save his crewmates. Now as an Agent of MAYHEM, Hardtack takes the fight back to LEGION to avenge his fallen crewmates.


MAYHEM ability[]

You ever see LEGION explode right in your face? You don't wanna miss that.
Icon Depth Charge

Hardtack's MAYHEM ability, Depth Charge, charges his ammo drum and can fire a limited number of mines. At any time, even after the drum is empty, you can use press MAYHEM ability button again to detonate the mines.



Name Icon Quote Description
Icon Teleharpoon
"Get over here!" Throws a harpoon at the current target, stunning them and teleporting them in front of you.
Boomharpoon "Explosions are just cool, y'know?" Throws a harpoon at the current target, stunning and teleporting them away. The harpoon then explodes, dealing damage in an area.


All aboard!
Icon Heavy Drum Shotgun

Hardtack uses USS Shotgun as his weapon of choice. He loves to get up close and personal with his short-range shotgun, which has shots that hit enemies near the target as well.

Name Icon Quote Description
Bloodlust Mod "Like I needed even more motivation to stomp LEGION ass." Hardtack's Special Ability cools down 15% faster with every weapon kill.


Name Icon Quote Description On upgrade you gain
Prime Specimen "They taste like feet." Hardtack does whatever it takes to stay in shape - except drink kale smoothies. +0.3% Health Regen
Fast Healer "I don't have time for pain." Hardtack is able to take a hit and keep on going. +3% Health From Pickups
B.A.M.F. "Accept no substitutes." For when Hardtack has to shoot every Motherfucker in the room. +2.5% Reload Speed
Intimidator "Use what you got." Hardtack's mere presence causes enemy hits to lose efficacy against him and his squadmates. +3% Melee Damage Resistance (Squad Bonus)

Core Upgrades[]

Name Icon Quote Description
CoreUpgrades Hardtack Megamine
"The more mines the merrier!" Hardtack can deploy more mines during his Mayhem Ability.
CoreUpgrades Hardtack Rank-Cranker
"Kill the head and the body falls." Hardtack inflicts greater damage to LEGION commanders.
CoreUpgrades Hardtack Earthmover
"Got this from my days as a Varsity lineman." Hardtack gains Fortify when he Dashes.


Name Icon Qoute Description
Percussive Armor "They should really know better." Enemies that melee attack Hardtack are knocked back.
Big Brawler (Passive) "I love it when you call me Big Brawler." Hardtack's melee attacks sweep around him and inflict increased Knockback.
Dash N/A The Agent can Dash around the battlefield with short, quick bursts of movement.
Wall Climb N/A The Agent can scale walls like some kind of arachnid person!


Name Icon Description
Specializations Skinpiercer
The Agent deals bonus damage to Armor and pierces targets protected by Hard Armor.
World Savior The Agent deals bonus damage against Golems, Weather Dominators, Hate Machines and Ice Barrage Launchers. (Requires Agent Lv. 10)


Agent Skins []

Weapon Skins []



He has a friendly rivalry with Braddock as they represent different branches of the US Military.


  • Hardtack's real name, Ishmael, his use of the harpoon and his sea faring background is an ode to the novel Moby Dick where the first line in the book is "Call me Ishmael".
  • Hardtack's agent skin An Officer and a Hardtack is a reference to Richard Gere's character Zack Mayo from the film An Officer and a Gentleman.
  • He is voiced by Terrence 'T.C.' Carson, who previously voiced another Saints Row character, Anthony Green (a former arch nemesis of Gat in the original timeline) in both the first Saints Row and Saints Row IV.
    • Carson is also known for his voicework as the main protagonist of the God of War series, Kratos, as well.





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