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This article is for Agents of Mayhem's version of Gat, for Saints Row version see Johnny.

I wonder how many guns I can carry at once...

Ji-hoon “Johnny” Gat[1], A.K.A. Gat, is a M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and a DLC agent unlocked with Johnny Gat Agent Pack.

To unlock Gat, player needs to complete Operation: Good Cop, Bot Cop.


After the climactic events of Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Gat is back in Seoul, the place of his birth. Gat’s been hard on the beat in this universe as a Lieutenant in Seoul’s police department, but the tragic events of Devil's Night left Johnny in a coma. After awakening almost a year later, Johnny discovers that all of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency have been wiped out and replaced with C.O.P. robot units.

But Persephone Brimstone was aware of him, and immediately recruited him, recognizing his reputation for wanton destruction made him the perfect fit for M.A.Y.H.E.M.


MAYHEM ability[]

"I only take these out for special occasions."

During his MAYHEM ability, Cannonization, Gat busts out his deadly hand cannons. For the duration of the ability, Gat is Immobilized but will auto-lock onto targets.



Name Icon Quote Description
Spray and Pray "I know - it's a lotta bullets." Gat sprays his SMG, dealing high damage within a cone.
Nowhere to Hide "I'd find cover if I were you." Gat sprays his SMG, dealing medium-high damage and immobilizing enemies within a wide but short cone.
Paint 'Em Red "My apologies in advance to any innocent bystanders." Gat sprays his SMG, dealing medium-high damage and inflicting Vulnerability on enemies within a narrow but long cone.


"Always sleep with your weapon - it's how you bond."

Gat wields a high-powered, slug-firing shotgun, Slug Dealer, that deals high damage and has a medium range.

Name Icon Quote Description
Line of Attack "This is what I call goin' easy on you." Weapon kills reduce Special Ability cooldown by 25%.
Death Penalty "I save my special bullets just for you." Gat's shotgun does 20% increased damage but has a smaller clip.
Disturbing the Peace "Sorry... didn't mean to break your concentration." Gat's shotgun has a 30% chance to Disrupt a hit enemy.


Name Icon Quote Description
One in the Chamber "Want some more?" Special Ability use returns some ammo.
Aggravated Assault "Aggravated is kinda my default state." Special Ability shots have a 12% chance to Knockback an enemy.
Crash Course "It's my way or get the fuck outta my way." Melee kills grant Haste.


Name Icon Quote Description On upgrade you gain
Shoot First "I'm not gettin' older, I'm gettin' faster." How fast can Gat reload? He's already reloaded. +6% Reload Speed
Death on Arrival "Sometimes I forget how good I am at this." Gat really makes his shots count. +2% Crit Damage
Fighting Mad "Excuse my enthusiasm." Gat's tough. Now he's even tougher. +2% Health Threshold for Cheating Death Activation
Countermeasures "Don't say I never did nothin' for ya." Gat's deadliness can be downright contagious. +2% Weapon Damage (Squad Bonus)

Core Upgrades[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Above the Law
CoreUpgrades Gat AboveTheLaw
"Your nose might look better smashed across your cheek - just my opinion." Melee kills grant Fortify.
Extreme Justice
CoreUpgrades Gat ExtremeJustice
"You forget who you were fuckin' with?" Special Ability kills grant Empower.
Rapid Fire
CoreUpgrades Gat RapidFire
"Get fast or get dead." Increased rate of fire during Mayhem Ability.


Name Icon Description
Specializations Skinpiercer
The Agent deals bonus damage to Armor and pierces targets protected by Hard Armor.
Specializations Deadshot
The Agent deals bonus damage to enemies currently affected by a debuff. (Requires Agent Lv. 10)


Name Icon Quote Description
Cheating Death (Passive) "May as well take a few of you with me." When Gat's health is low, he gains 2 stacks of Fortify during combat.
Dash N/A The Agent can Dash around the battlefield with short, quick bursts of movement.
Wall Climb N/A The Agent can scale walls like some kind of arachnid person!


Agents  skins[]

Weapon skins[]


  • Out of all the characters from the Saints Row Franchise, Johnny has appeared in the most videogames.
  • He is one of the four characters from Saints Row series that are playable, others being Kingpin, Yeti, and Safeword.
  • Gat is one of two agents that doesn't have a codename, the other being Braddock.
  • Gat has been married three times.
  • Gat's Johnny Crockett agent skin is a reference to Don Johnson's character James "Sonny" Crockett from Miami Vice.
  • Gat's Gat P.I. agent skin is a reference to Magnum P.I. starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum.
  • Gat's Slug Dealer seems to be the in-game equivalent of the UTS 15.
  • Gat is at least vaguely aware he is in an alternate timeline.
    • If selected during the battle with Steeltoe he'll say that he vaguely remembers an "Aisha" of his own.
  • According to Scheherazade, the Earth-11 version of him died 10 years ago.
  • Gat lived in Palisades Park, NJ for 15 years before moving back to Seoul.
  • Gat's "Cannonization" Mayhem Ability is a reference to both tropes of John Woo's action films: a flock of doves flying through a scene before a gunfight begins, the protaganist dual-wielding pistols, and the Gun-Fu combat style he created; and the religious act of "Canonization" when a deceased figure is elevated to Sainthood.





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