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  • Real Name: Stephanie Albright
  • Codename: Friday
  • Background British Aristocracy
  • Hometown: England
  • Specialty: Field Logistics and Teleportation Technology

As a hereditary peer of England, Friday's noble bloodlines go back centuries, but she traded in her life of luxury to combat LEGION presence that took over her homeland. She's young-twenty-but good breeding and the best boarding schools have combined to create a strikingly mature and proficient, but still a personable young woman.

On Devil's Night

Friday was fox hunting in Northern Ireland when she received news of the LEGION attack against her homeland.


Friday's relationship with Braddock is the company's worst-kept secret. Fine, so long as it doesn't distract her from her duties. Otherwise, she seems to get along amiably with the remainder of her co-workers--although a few do prod her about her youthful age.


Patriotism, certainly. Idealism, definitely. Friday seems determined to display a usefulness uncommon amongst the "ruling class."

Psych Eval

Impressively competent and dedicated, Friday's obsessive work behavior appears to mask a certain lack of confidence, even an inferiority complex, in spite of, or perhaps because of her noble bloodlines.


First daughter of the Viscount Brundage.

Persephone's Notes

Friday appers to fear me, which I believe is good thing.