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The Captain approves.

Fortune, A.K.A. Marina Santos, is an M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and part of the Franchise Force, alongside Hollywood and Hardtack[2].

Fortune is one of three playable characters available at the start of the game.


This notorious sky pirate said farewell to her airship and the outlaw haven of Rio de Janeiro to join the fight against L.E.G.I.O.N. With Glory, her faithful drone companion, she helps M.A.Y.H.E.M. live up to its name.


MAYHEM ability[]

Good girl, Glory.

During her MAYHEM ability GLORY, Fortune's drone, deploys countless/numerous blasts that stun nearby enemies for the duration of the MAYHEM Ability. This ability is called Stunning GLORY.



Name Icon Quote Description
Quicksand "The sweet explosion is why I do it." Fortune blasts a bubble that inflicts Slow and Damage over Time. Already Stunned enemies remain so while inside the bubble. Fortune gains Haste while this effect is active.
Icon fortune cannonball
"Let's make ye even more deadly." Fortune taps her guns together to deliver a massive energy ball that deals damage over a large area. Already stunned enemies take additional damage.
Powder Keg "Taking out those LEGION assholes makes me feel good. What can I say?" Small area of effect, and inflicts moderate damage. If an enemy is hit, your Shields recharge to full. For every enemy hit, up to 4, you gain on stack of Fortify.


Gotta take advantage when you can.

Fortune is armed with Dual Pistols. Her weapon inflicts bonus damage on stunned targets.

Name Icon Quote Description
Captain's Orders "A captain leads by example." Killing enemies prompts GLORY to send out stun blasts 20% more frequently.
Dead Eye Scope "It's all about finding just the right spot." This scope nudges critical hits to deliver 50% more damage.
Hotshot Magazine "Yeah, the guns get hot but I don't mind."


Name Icon Quote Description
Cavalier Boots "Those slowpokes can't catch me." When Fortune dashes near enemies, the enemies are Slowed and are Vulnerable as they attempt to reposition their sights.
Cut and Run "And it keeps me limber." Moving around transfers energy to Fortune's shield and helps it recharge 20% faster.
Close Quarters "It's such a rush." Successful melee attacks get Fortune's blood pumping and grant Haste.


Name Icon Quote Description On upgrade you gain
Master Gunner "Hey, I resemble that remark." When dealing with the most untrustworthy cutthroats and thieves in the world, stay cool under pressure and keep your guns close at hand. +3% Overheat Recover
Scallywag "You flatter me." The renowned rogue knows all sorts of ways to make it hurt, and faster than you might think. +3% Special Ability Refresh
Boatswain "Those bilge rats can barely dress themselves." Keeping her beloved ship from being damaged was Fortune's primary goal above all else. Just don't tell her crew that. +4% Shield Reboot
Treasure Hunter "A gun makes a great bargaining tool." Nobody can wring cash out of a deal better than Fortune. +5% Bonus Cash Rewards (Squad Bonus)

Core Upgrades[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Fire at Will
CoreUpgrades Fortune FireAtWill
"This should give Glory a good kick to her systems." GLORY stuns targets more often during combat.
Grape Shot
CoreUpgrades Fortune GrapeShot
"Time to teach an old drone new tricks." GLORY has a 50% chance to stun 3 enemies instead of just one with each of her attacks.
Full Sail
CoreUpgrades Fortune FullSail
"Nothing will stop me now." Fortune's weapons are overcharged for the duration of her Mayhem Ability.


Name Icon Quote Description
Roll the Bones (Passive) "Life's a game of chance." GLORY stuns random targets on the battlefield.
Shivering Timbers (Passive) "Let's prepare for the big finish." Fortune's pistols go into overcharge after firing for a time which allows her to fire large explosive blasts. Her guns have a slower rate of fire during this time and will need to cooldown after.
Dash N/A The Agent can Dash around the battlefield with short, quick bursts of movement.
Air Dash N/A The Agent has the ability to Dash in mid-jump.


Name Icon Description
Specializations Shieldbuster
The Agent deals bonus damage to Shields and pierces targets protected by Hard Shields.
Master Programmer
Specializations MasterProgrammer
The Agent can attempt Hard difficulty hacks. The agent will automatically complete Easy and Medium hacks.


Agent Skins []


Weapon Skins []


  • Fortune is one of only two Agents with two passive abilities, the other being Oni.






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