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Piper Andrews, A.K.A. Daisy, is a M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and part of the Carnage a Trois[1], alongside Braddock and Yeti.

To unlock Daisy, players need to complete Operation: The Morning After.


Growing up in a house full of boys, Piper Andrews learned to defend herself early on. When it came time to pick a path in life, she opted for a run in the military. She enjoyed her time there, and learned a lot about heavy weapons and machinery, but found the rules and regulations far too restricting.

After the military, she had a hard time finding a job she enjoyed. Enrolling in a derby girls team as a hobby, though, Piper finally found something she not only loved but was damn good at. She found out about the M.A.Y.H.E.M. through a friend, who vouched for Piper as the best heavy weapons expert out there. Persephone gave her a shot and it's been magic ever since.


Icon Jammer ModeMAYHEM ability[]

I play all positions.

Daisy unleashes the full potential of her Heavy Mini. While in Jammer Mode, her gun does not build up heat and has an increased rate of fire and damage output.



Name Icon Quote Description
Quick Pass N/A Daisy cools her gun, is Fortified and temporarily Hastened, and can ram enemies for high damage. QUICK PASS lasts longer than her other Special Gadgets.
Kick Out the Jams N/A Daisy cools her gun, is Fortified and temporarily Hastened, and can ram enemies to inflict Knockback and damage. When the gun is cooled, a shockwave will Knockback and damage nearby enemies.
Slow Burn N/A Daisy cools her gun, is Fortified and temporarily Hastened, and can ram enemies to inflict Knockback and damage. With SLOW BURN equipped, Daisy's gun accrues less heat per shot. When the gun is cooled, a shockwave will Knockback and damage nearby enemies.


I do love a nice big piece of machinery.

Daisy's minigun sprays a devastating barrage of bullets. While not precise, she still manages to deal a lot of damage. Watch for that heat build-up though! Use her Special Ability to cool it down.

Name Icon Quote Description
Hit Switcher "Y'know, there are times I just really wanna kill one person in particular." Daisy's minigun spread is narrowed, focusing her fire.
Lead-Lined Pads Icon Kick Out the Jams "I feel SO MUCH better after. You don't even know." Daisy's standard melee attack inflicts Knockback on enemies the same as if she were using her Specialassive.
Gut Puncher Ammo "Yeah, I sure do make 'em weak in the knees, don't I?" Weapon hits from Daisy's minigun have 25% chance to inflict Enfeeble on enemies.


Name Icon Quote Description
Caged Heat "This thing burns hotter than a yeast infection." An upgraded canister on minigun increases Daisy's maximum weapon heat by 20%
Derby Stance "Ah, to be young again. Much less chance of being charged with a felony." Recalling her days as a reckless-yet-invincible teen allows Daisy to get 20% increased Health and 20% increased Shield.
Wildfire "Woo! That's a hot flash I can get behind." When the heat on Daisy's minigun is maxed out, she gains Empower.


Name Icon Quote Description
Derby Doll "Hey, it's an honor to get your ass kicked by me." + Mayhem Ability Duration
Snowplow Icon Kick Out the Jams "You ever see Chicago traffic? That's some shit right there." + Special Ability Damage
Firebrand "Just die already!" + Weapon Spin Up Reduction
Lead Jammer "Gotta protect your pack, ladies." + Max Health (Squad Bonus)

Core Upgrades[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Body Cleanse "Clears me up like a shot of Irish whiskey." Daisy loses all debuffs when she uses a Special Ability.
Rough Rider "You ain't allowed to do this on the track." Daisy gains Health back for everyone she kills while using her Mayhem Ability.
Standing Tall "What? I can focus. Don't look so shocked." While in Fine Aim, Daisy gains Fortify.


Name Icon Description
Shieldbuster The Agent deals bonus damage to Shields and pierces targets protected by Hard Shields.
Deadshot The Agent deals bonus damage to enemies currently affected by a debuff.


Name Icon Quote Description
On the Move "All the blood rushing to my head feels incredible." While sprinting, Daisy deals more damage with her Special Ability and melee attacks.
Dash N/A This Agent can Dash around the battlefield with short, quick bursts of movement.
Air Dash N/A The Agent has the ability to Dash in mid-jump.


Agent skins[]

Weapon Skins []


  • While the other Agents have motivation and a reason behind why they joined M.A.Y.H.E.M., Daisy is said to have joined because she had nothing better to do.
  • Even though Daisy is very brash, forward, and not wanting people to get close to her, later on it is shown that she has a softer side to her, that her heart is in the team and she will even at times defend other Agents from ridicule.
  • When Daisy was being designed, designers used Rockabilly, rock-and-roll, and punk-rock for inspiration for her design. This is also considered her favorite genre of music[2].
  • Daisy was at one point in a relationship with Chastity Belter, who lives in Chicago. During Daisy's personal mission, Operation: Boom, Chastity tells Daisy about an attack by LEGION on her city in an attempt to get Daisy to come home.
    • Daisy was confirmed to be both polyamorous[3] and bisexual.
  • Daisy's She-Devil agent skin and Hellfire! weapon skin are probably a reference to the Dark Horse Comics character Hellboy.
  • Daisy's Wonder Daisy agent skin and Themiscryan Sure-Shot weapon skin (from the Legal Action Pending DLC) are no doubt a reference to the DC Comics character Wonder Woman and her place of origin, Themyscira.





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