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Gremlin: "Hey, if you could upgrade your body with cybernetic enhancements, what would you do?"[]

  • Johnny Gat: "As someone who wears -5 prescription sunglasses, I could use a new set of eyes."
  • Kingpin: "That's kind of a personal question?"
  • Safeword: "Oh that's easy, a computer in my brain."
  • Rama: "Bionic eyes with x-ray vision."
  • Hardtack: "I'd put a little radio in my ear, so everywhere I go, I'd hear my jams, you know."
  • Daisy; "I dunno. I could use a third arm to scratch my ass while I fire the minigun."
  • Braddock: "Honey, I'm already the perfect killing machine!"
  • Fortune: "I feel pretty close to Glory, but it'd be nice to be closer, y'know?"
  • Joule: "Bah, nothing. Technology falls out of fashion too quickly."
  • Hollywood: "Trust me, this guy needs NO enhancement."
  • Lazarus: "I already have cybernetic enhancements."
  • Red Card: "I would put a calculator in my arm. And a watch and a TV and a refrigerator for my beverages!"
  • Oni: "It is wiser to appreciate the impermanence of this body."
  • Yeti: "My enhancements are quite sufficient, thank you."
  • Scheherazade: "Technology has its uses, but it cannot save us."



Gat's response.