Agency Vehicles are unique cars designed by Quartermile for M.A.Y.H.E.M.

List of Vehicles Edit

Name Image Bonus Boost Description Agility Strength Speed
Attrazione Speeding This supercar has design, style and all the horsepower you'll ever need. 10 1 10
Eiswolf Vehicle Kill This military-grade SUV handles Siberian winters or Seoul streets with equal aplomb. 2 10 5
Enforcer Speeding This rolling fortress is the vehicular equivalent of a boot to the neck. 2 10 5
Hammerhead Drifting Prime speciment of Detroit muscle: horrible gas mileage, scorching straight-line speed. 4 5 8
Mockingbird Near Miss Yes, it's boxy, but it's safe. 8 2 5
Mongoose Air Time Designed for the dunes, this compact one-seater handles rough terrain like a pro. 5 3 7
Neuron Drifting Drift away! This street racer has grenade-like explosiveness and handles like a dream. 6 3 8
Pulse Oncoming Lane A sleek three-wheeler that's sure to turn heads as you motor through the city. 7 5 7
Scorpion Oncoming Lane Hauling a load to the jobsite? Plowing over Pridetroopers? This truck can handle it. 3 8 5
Torch Near Miss Vroom! Vroom! This mid-egnined two-seater is the sci-fi future of sports cars. 6 3 8

Trivia Edit

  • All Agency Vehicles are named after cars that already appear within Saints Row Series with the exception of the Scorpion. The closest vehicles to the scorpion in the Saints Row series is either the Compensator or the Atlasbreaker.
    • However, despite this, none of the cars don't represent their Saints Row equivalents with the exception of the Attrazione, Pulse and Mockingbird.
  • The Pulse, which was introduced in Saints Row IV, behaves more like a three-wheeled ATV.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, the Enforcer's name was stylized as "N-Forcer" and was STAG's bread-and-butter ground troop transport.
  • Scorpion is a nod to the automotive manufacturer form the Saints Row franchise.
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