Agents of Mayhem Wiki

Agency Upgrades can be purchased from Relic on The A.R.K. in exchange for cash. Agency Upgrades is unlocked on Agency level 6. There are a total of 16 different upgrades.

Agency Upgrades give the player supportive buffs that are global. Some buffs will give the player positive effects while on The A.R.K. while some will buff their gameplay in the world.

List of Requisitions[]

Name Level Price Description Image
"Combat Tactics And You" Manual 6 Dash and Smokescreen Cooldowns are decreased.
AgencyUpgrades 01
Retro Extendable Antenna 6 Increases Scan Range.
AgencyUpgrades 03
Madigan Bank Investment Portfolio 6 Hourly income is inscreased.
AgencyUpgrades 04
"Loot Lock" Search Program 6 Scanning can now find nearby chests.
AgencyUpgrades 05
Congo Prime Membership 10 Reduces R+D costs for Gremlin Tech.
AgencyUpgrades 06
Experimental "Jetfuel" Gas 10 Doubles the rate at which the Boost Meter for MAYHEM vehicles will refill.
AgencyUpgrades 07
Polarized Pocket Lining 10 Increases the pickup radius for loot and health.
AgencyUpgrades 02
"Gonepro" Combat Diary Camera 10 Increases earned XP.
AgencyUpgrades 08
Holistic Relaxation Tapes 14 Swapped out Agents regain their health faster.
AgencyUpgrades 09
Behind-The-Scene Pit Crew 14 MAYHEM vehicle recall downtime is decreased from 1 minute to 15 seconds.
AgencyUpgrades 10
Group Travel Coupons 14 Raises the maximum number of Agents that can be deployed on the Global Conflict Mao to 3.
AgencyUpgrades 11
Frugal Calendar App 14 When Contracts are acquired form Global Conflict investigations, earn 3 instead of the normal 1.
AgencyUpgrades 12
Dark Matter Resonance Detector 18 Scanning can now find nearby Crystal Shards. In addition, Crystal Shards within 150 meters appear on your City Map.
AgencyUpgrades 13
Legion Smuggling Ring 18 Reduces the R+D costs for LEGION Tech.
AgencyUpgrades 14
Un-Cursed Monkey Paw 18 Higher chance for Skins, Blueprints and Schematics.
AgencyUpgrades 15
Beneficial Tech Glitch 18 When using Gremlin Tech, 25% of the time the Gremlin Tech will not be expended.
AgencyUpgrades 16